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Just glitches straight out when opening the app

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I've had your game installed on my phone now for the last few month, spent probably about £70 in app purchases and all of a sudden the game doesn't work. Soon as I click on the app, it loads and chucks me straight off. Before you say my phone is too old and doesn't support my device I have a Samsung s20+.

I want you to either fix the problem or I want a refund for every penny spent on your game.

How would I go about getting a refund please?

You can't take money off people and allow your game to go this.

After reading various responses on your forum, it says if I uninstall and reinstall the app I will lose all my saved data where all my in app purchases are attached to.


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Hi @Suggy, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the delayed reply.

We have become aware of a serious and unforeseen issue with running the app on phones that have been updated to Android OS version 11. Have you recently updated to Android version 11? If so, that is very likely to be the reason that you can't get into the app. We are working to release an update that should fix this as soon as possible, but it will likely be 1-2 weeks before this app update is available - so unfortunately all you can do is wait.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this causes - the Android 11 issue has come as a surprise to us as well. We will happily send you some free in-game items that you can use when the issue is fixed and you can play again. We believe your existing save files should still work when its resolved.

For now, you could try playing on PC instead - the game is available for free on Steam.


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