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One of the great thorns that the game has is its lack of realism, both when making transfers and also at the time of matches. Since no matter how much you have a team infinitely superior to that of your opponent there are situations in which they beat you without much effort, this is wrong since it can cost you the league a follow-up of these matches. 

Another reprehensible point about the lack of realism is the mood of the players, it is completely unrealistic that a player bothers not to play a couple of matches being that plays most of them, that doesn't happen and what it generates is that player rotation is impossible because if you take one out for a couple of games it gets upset and doesn't get well again until after a while. 

Finally, it would be nice if clubs from other leagues also bid on your players, as it is currently only limited to those in your same league, and that takes away some realism. 

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So true, I support you my brother. I have a Tottenham save that I am not enjoying at all because no matter how many 90+ players I put in my team, I have never won a match against Manchester City, or Liverpool and it is so frustrating. Its unbelievable. Also, I recommend that scout reports should be more detailed. Okay fine, they tell us what the formation that team is gonna play, it also tells you the star players of that team, so what then do we do with it? Just set our tactic? Not real. The point is that scout reports shouldn't just say what the opposition's formation is, it should recommend how we should play and what kind of system we should play, Attacking, normal or defensive. Most times, I don't even know what to pick because the opposition may be so good, or even so bad. I also suggest that you change normal to a more football tactical word like "control" or counter attack. 

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