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Hello, I am a Chinese player.My first exposure to SoccerManager was in the SM18 version of the game.

The SM21 cannot be distributed in China due to a conflict between you and your Chinese agent.The games in the Google store are almost impossible to run on Chinese mobile phones (lack ogoogleB1 framework, flash back, etc.), but googleBBB2 store versions from SM18 to SM20 will run well on mobile phones wigooglet BBB3 framework.

I hope you can optimize the game to run on mobile phones without the Google framework.If possible, we hope you can launch the Chinese version or negotiate with Chinese agents.

The game is widely played in China, with more than one million players on the entire platform in China (the ATPTAP China agent version had 100,000 players at the end of 2009 alone), and countless other unofficial versions.

I have also recorded a SM21 demo video, which has about 4,000 views https://b23.tv/jTZdbo

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