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The data consumption and hotness of the phone,also missing features

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Pls I am a big fan of football manager games and I love SM football manager games a lot,but this 2021 was expected for so long and met lot of my expectations,but the consumption of data when trying to load the game,save and all that ain't pleasant,most times I want to play the game,BT am out of data and can't play.Secondly the way t

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Hi, thanks for reporting this. We are sorry to hear that the game is running badly for you. We made some huge improvements this year which make the game more intense to run. Please try closing all other apps before playing, and delete some apps/files that you don't need, and this may improve things. If the issue continues, we can only suggest playing on a newer device.

SM21 requires a constant internet connection for several reasons, including adverts, manager profile, credits and boosts. You can reduce the data used by the game by changing the "show images" option in the Settings menu. We recommend you play on a wifi connection where possible. We hope this helps. Thanks!


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