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The data consumption and hotness of the phone,also missing features


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Pls I am a big fan of football manager games and I love SM football manager games a lot,but this 2021 was expected for so long and met lot of my expectations,but the consumption of data when trying to load the game,save and all that ain't pleasant,most times I want to play the game,BT am out of data and can't play.Secondly the way the phone gets hot coupled with the use of data is not good,finally the game should have real life football features,the sub's are not complete 5 like it is in reality and when the season finishes and their are friendly we should be able to make more than 5 subs like it is in real life,their should also be a swap deal in transfer like it is in reality,let the game be more fun,let their be elections for change of board,their should be exhibition matches were we can send scouts to watch matches and transfers should be difficult than how it is,when u are trying to sign a top player or prospect,their should be an option were u send ur chief scout to watch a particular top player and when he is done their should also be an option for the coach to also go take a look at the player himself,their should also be national features were your players are to go for international duties to make the game more addictive and sweet and also the injuries let it be very real....Thanks

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