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game this game from the first release, and 2021 is the opposite of the other versions every game from 2021 you need to watch advertising, and requires internet use, interview is very repetitive, making a more realistic experience impossible these points are what bothers me most and I would like you to evaluate.

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I completely agree with you Arthur that the advertising and the internet use of the game diminishes the height of consumer experience but I believe that this is the only way the game could actually make money, through being paid for ads and through people using the internet. I completely understand that people who don't have internet find it hard to enjoy the game but people who do have internet even enjoy it more so its kind of a fair argument. Also, I believe that these perks are just perfect substitutes compered to when you have to pay for the game like FM, but SM is completely free. You don't want them to run out of business, do you?

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