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Good evening creator,
Lemme start by saying SM is one of the best if not the best and it's second to none , the game is awesome and addictive - it gives you this real energy and feeling like they say "Red bull gives you wiiings" SM gives you that sense of belonging like you're into something real. It's a brain teaser and helps with real life decision making ,patience ,all that.. 
             IMPROVEMENT & IDEAS
#1. It's annoying not to have the opportunity of going back to your previous club and take in another spell of coaching the team after resigning to coach another 
#2. After resigning to coach another team, the money acquired for n stadium built for the previous team all disappears and the team becomes a relegation puppy ,why is that and I hope something can be done to it and also in respect to #1- make it possible to return to d previous club for another spell w/o restarting the game 
#3. It makes me  😃😃😃😃 and then furious 😠😡😡 why my goalkeeper with good age ,clean sheets , won trophies ain't considered for best GK of the year but an over age under value n under performed GK will scoop the award ,likewise young best player .the AI for deciding this awards is so poor ; the over all best player of the year is sometimes considerate but that of the league is so poor n the monthly award as well plz try n adjust the process to suit awarding the right players 
#4. Please can you guys add national duty so as to make it more challenging n complete 
#5. Make it possible to either request or add a player during negotiating transfers 
#6. I'm finding it hard to download 2021 on my SM A300FU ,why is that ? Plz is there something that can be done to it
Thank you so much for your efforts in creating this game ,kudos guys 
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Hi, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we have no more changes or updates planned for SM20, as we are now focused on newer projects.

We had to make some older and less powerful phones incompatible with SM21 for performance reasons. If you can't install or update, it is very likely that it’s because support was not offered to your device due to the app playing badly on it. You need a 64gb device, with 2+gb RAM and a recent Android/iOS version. If you cannot access SM21, we can only recommend playing on a newer device, or on PC. Many thanks!


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