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I am a user playing SM2021.
 I am writing this mail for a reason I want to ask you to improve.
 First, the Korean nationality's name is incorrect.  Originally, for example, it's awkward to be Kim Tae-hwan to become T. Kim.
 Secondly, during the game, a strange translation was found in the comments, but I can't say that's exactly this.
 3. Induce excessive billing
 4. Add clubs for the second division.  Eight teams, which is the smallest size for a league, is fine.
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Hey Marin, I don't understand exactly all your points except 1 and 4. For the Korean name, I think its not a mistake but just a format used by the developers of the game to shorten the name because Asian names are usually very long, and mind you, its not only done for Asian names but there are a couple of names I don't know off the top of my head that have been shortened so I don't think that should bother you much. For the fourth point, I think there are already a couple of second division clubs in the game so I don't really know exactly what you mean. For England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, USA, and many more, the game has leagues that even extends beyond second divisions down to even like fourth divisions. 

I don't know about Korean leagues though but if that's what you are referring to for an addition, I guess its a good point and I believe the additions might not be too easy for the game developers but we would eventually see it coming around. Thanks.

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