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1- I would like the addition of automatic substitution in the game.

2-When the players come back from the loan, they come back as a young man, good perspective, alternative, or as he left the team, because going on player by player to do this is tiring. 
If you have some way to do this automatically it would be ideal.
3- Bug fix in the game timer, because there are hours that go up to 500 minutes of games
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Hey PHrubo, I don't agree with you in all but the third point you made. I feel that substitutions should still be made manually because that is why you are the manager of the club, you have sole authority to influence the game and you want those decisions to come from you, not made by the computer. Imagine you are losing a game and you need to make a change, would you want the computer to make a change for you, NO! You would want to be the one making those change, maybe all I can agree with you on is that suggestions could be made on changes to be made but not changes made by the computer itself. Secondly, automatic loans would also not be great because of the point I have made earlier, as a manager you want to be able to control every aspect of the game.

Lastly, I think I agree with you that the bug of the game timer should be fixed, its gonna make it more realistic. 

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