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How should national teams work? (A full description)

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1. Jobs of more prodigious countries(France, Germany, Spain, England etc.) should be offered depending manager performance, not which club he is managing.

2. Schedule system (match dates) should receive a whole revamp to accomodate international break and June and July should not go by idle and should accomodate the euros, world cup, nations league, conembol etc. 

3. System for recalling and resting players should be simple. Morale should not include game time for international matches.

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Hey, great suggestions SaltyChancellor, these are really great suggestions that you have put forth. I totally agree with you that manager jobs should be advertised based on how well the manager is performing and not necessarily where. I also suggest that the system of job applications and advertisements from SM20 should be combined with the current system in SM21 in the upcoming SM22 game. I believe that the system where teams personally contact the manager like in SM20 should be reinstalled and the system whereby a manager could apply for open job vacancies in this current SM 21 should be put together. I also agree with you concerning international breaks and friendlies, and I think it would really be a great addition in the upcoming game if they can add international breaks; featuring international competitions for various countries.

Finally I agree with you that when international breaks are put in, recalling players should be an option except its against the player's desire.

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More suggestions:

1. Like I said in the 1st point, if a manager is using Swansea, Watford, Leeds etc. SHOULD NOT mean that he can't get job offers from Germany, France, England etc.

2. The system of recalling and dropping players should be a simple one.

3. There should be rules like you have to have 3 GKs.

4.If SM can't get licence of national teams, they should just use their flags.

5. Alternate trophy cabinet.

6. Alternate board demands.

7. Probably asking a lot, but if they can, SM should make a mode of managing only a national team (Eg:- Gareth Southgate for England).

Should add these features to increase the competition of soccer games on android.

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