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Soccer menager 2021

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There are five substitutions in real matches as shown in the picture 

this game has three modifications 

why the admins of this game don't fix this still 

Are they so retarded or do they do it on purpose







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Hi, most leagues have introduced 5 subs as a temporary thing due to the Covid19 pandemic. We at SM decided not to add Covid19 or any of its consequences into our game. That is why we still only have 3 subs. If the 5 sub rule becomes permanent, we might add it. Also please do not call us retarded, its just unecessary and unkind. Thanks!

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Do not do this evil to such a beautiful and realistic game

youmust make the number of substitutions five

Nobody knows when the covid ends 

in real life the number of substitutions becomes three again 

then an update is all it takes 

Please don't be so ignorant and back-headed 

keep up with the times 

time does not go backwards 

stop being a cave person





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