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General observations of SM21 so far.

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Its been a long time since I have written so for someone like me writing, I guess I have somethings that I would really like to see addressed in SM22.

  • The first thing I would really want to be addressed is player chemistry. We all know that in the real world, player chemistry improves every season if not every game. It baffles me that I sign a player lets say with an original chemistry of 80. I obviously expect that to rise every season because that player plays with the same teammates week in-week out, so there should be at least an improvement in chemistry for a signed player every time. I don't believe it should be static, it should be on the rise as the player gets more familiar with the club.
  • Secondly, I would like the media presence to be improved upon. I play this game and sometimes, I don't even know what competition I'm playing next even though its on the schedule board in-game. I would like the media to become an active part in both pre match and post match asking questions that stimulate your nerves and give more appetite for the game. Articles should also be produced and sent to your inbox giving you detailed match information on the position of that team, their form, what the fans think of the game and stuff like that, something almost like in football manager.
  • This third one might be a hard one but I believe it should also be worked on, that is THE COACHING STAFF. I play the game without actually knowing what manager I'm up against and their history, what tactic they like to employ, individual and collective trophies they have won, and their coaching staff. Even me personally as a manager should have a coaching staff, and be able to hire and fire if I want to. Even if I don't want to use all the advice that comes from them, at least they should be there, it could give you more insight on the tactical approach to employ.


Thanks. I really expect to see these changes in the coming SM22.

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