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Things I would like to see in sm 22

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1. A player development plan for every player instead of an all round training session. That way players can be trained role specifically. 

2. Skill move rating and weak foot rating, and the ability to improve them, all via player development plan.

3. Revenue sources are scarce. There should be an option to select atmost two sponsors.

4. Goalkeepers act dumb frequently. Be that 94 rated oblak or 81 rated burki. Improvement of goalkeeping regarding the rating.

5. A better financial management section. Ability to split between wages and funds would be great.

6. There are still quite a few bugs, game acts ghostly at times, showing just the pitch and the brief commentary.

7. Youth academy is not worth it. Minute reduction in upgrade cost.

8. Music section needs improvement. 

9. An additional career mode save slot.

10. U-21 mode. It's obvious now that we all need it badly.

11. Coach selection.


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That is a great idea. Swap deals should be added with option of sell-on clause and additional money. Transfers should be made more realistic. U-21 is required because when in teams like Barca you have great hot prospects but can't play them in the first team so you should send them to play in U-21 team. Goalkeepers are super dumb. There are some bugs that after half time the game just goes on and on and on........to 500 minutes......to 1000 minutes(You get my point). Music section should be composed of edm and bass picked from NCS Sounds so they are free to implement. I also like the looks of a player development plan.

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O jogo em si parece muito bom, mas toda vez que sai uma nova atualização do jogo não podemos ter aqueles jogadores que foram contratados.Tem sempre que iniciar um novo jogo, e não podendo manter o time atual.

Uma seleção de treinadores seria perfeito, igual tem no CSD21 quando um treinador é mandando embora e podendo contratar eles.

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All of you are making really great points. I think that the training section should be really worked on and improved upon. Player plans should be made more specific and there should be like a time frame that shows you how long a player could probably get to their next rating. For example, if a player is an 89 rated player, the training screen should show how long a player needs to hit the next rating (maybe in terms of weeks/months, anyhow would be fine) and I think it would really increase anticipation. I also think the chemistry should be worked on, like a player's chemistry should be improved every season because he plays with the same teammates.

I also think that the finances should be improved big time, like the board should be willing to invest a huge amount of money into the club, not just a little as is observed in SM21. For example, in my Tottenham save, I won the champions League and the board only gave me 17 miller the next season, that is a way small amount of money and if not because of prize money and sponsorship, I wouldn't have had enough money to even sign a player on loan. Please let the board give a reasonable amount of budget every season, please. The usual investment for a club in a modern football world is at least 50 miller.

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