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New transfer system

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The whole transfer system of SM21 should be refurbished. Transfers are wholly unrealistic (Ronaldo to Spurs?!). Swap deals should be added, with the option of adding additional money or sell-on clauses. Players should be less reluctant to move to clubs not part of the big 3. For example:- Why wouldn't Vini. Jr. move to Dortmund?

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Hey SaltyChancellor, I agree with you that transfers are sometimes not realistic but what is it to you if you as a manager is capable of competing against those teams. I know its really unrealistic that Ronaldo moves to spurs and that's totally never gonna happen, but I think its possible that Vinicius Jr. could go to Dortmund, various things happen in game that reflect a fantasy world and increase the appetite to compete for players. The key is that it is mostly the first year of the game that's in line with the real world, the following years don't follow the real world so think its fair to expect some things to be wild. No offence 😂

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