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I would like to present to the company "Soccer Manager Ltd", some changes for their "Soccer Manager 2021" app. The package is very nice, great graphics and still lacks bug fixes here and there. The changes I'd like to see on the app are: the ability to coach the national teams, to create your own manager's avatar and the ability to play with other real users in real time. Thanks to all who will read this message, I apologize for the lost time, I hope you can do something.

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Yeah I think those are great suggestions. I definitely believe that the ability to manage international teams should be included, to create your own manager avatar. The idea of playing with others in real time is not so much of an idea I am onboard with but its a great idea regardless. For me personally, I don't just like multiplayer games sometimes, because it so pushes you to the limits because you play against humans and not the CPU making it real hard but it is a great suggestion.

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Guest 🥰🥰🥰

Grazie, credo davvero che con queste migliorie, si possano fare grandi cose.

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