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A letter to the Devs

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Developers of Soccer Manager,

I, the SaltyChancellor, am writing to you on behalf of all my fellow feedback and idea providers. For soccer manager 22, there are some features we urgently need. These features will not only increase the game's popularity, but also up it's ranking in football games to top 3. The features are:-

1. A complete system of national teams.

2. Addition of U-21 teams (both club and national).

3. Addition of the UEFA Conference League.

4. Better support and updates on the same date as on android for steam players, as the game is also gaining popularity on computers.

I believe the addition of the above mentioned features would greatly boost the game's popularity and the number of downloads. Therefore I urge you to add these features in Soccer Manager 22. Thanks.

Your game's biggest fan 







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Do not forget the training, the training should be massively upgraded and player plans should be specific stating how long it would take a player to grow to the next two ratings.

Also, the team chemistry, the team chemistry should be improved every season if not every training session, both for the team and the players. Players that join a team new, although they have a low chemistry initially should always be something that improves as the player gets accustomed to his new teammates.

Media presence should be highly worked upon giving interesting details regarding issues in game and an upcoming match.


I think these added to the above would make a great game for SM 2022.


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You are right, the training system should also receive a rework. Player development plans should be introduced and, if they can, position change plans. Teams should receive cred for winning titles. For example:- I won the Bundensliga, DFB Pökal and Europa League with Bayer Leverkusen. Later I tried to sign Foden and Van de Beek but it showed it was unlikely for them to come to my club. Media interviews should come back and our responses should reflect on team morale.

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