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Team Chemistry, transfer budget and Media presence

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Please I beg you Soccer Manager Devs for SM 22, please work on team chemistry, players that have joined a club should see an increase in team chemistry as they continue to get acquainted with the club, if its 80 at first, it shouldn't remain 80 forever, it should rise because these players are playing with the same team and training with them, day in, day out.

Also please, let transfer budget be an actual thing, or season budget, anyway it could be called. The board should be willing to put into the club every season a reasonable amount of money that can help the team achieve their goals for the next season and the budgets should also be reflective of the team's financial status, for example, Man City would always have a big budget because of the wealth of the club. Big money streams shouldn't just come from transfers, sponsorship payments or prize monies, the board must be responsible for the club too!!

Lastly, I believe adding the Media in a more in-depth format would bring more realism to the game. Football is all about media these days; Pre match and Post match conferences, unveiling new signings, talking about potential transfers with the press and all that. Also, the conferences shouldn't be limited to one question like in the SM 2020 game, it should be interactive, The press asks, the boss or player responds until the press are actually satisfied with all the answers.

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