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Where is SM2022??


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Hi, I'm an avid user ever since 2016 when I first went VIP. 

I love 2021 and believe its your best yet! with hardly ANY issues (that has happened to me) on this game going back to 2016 when I 1st started the game with a lot of issues regarding crashing, not saving and so on.

Now you guys are bringing out 2022 I cannot wait again like a little kid.......IM 38 lmao, anyway, you said it would be available from 1/10/21 and to receive the extra benefits we had to open it and play within 3 days. We have been and had the 1st, it's now the 2nd. Tomorrow will be the 3rd and I know that NO-ONE releases any new content over the weekend as your staffing levels are lower than during the week OR you don't work weekends, that will then make it the 4th October 2021.......4 days after said release. 

I have automatically added that it downloads when available however, it's still telling me that I'm still pre-registered and don't have the game on my phone? 

Now my question is?

Firstly are you guys running behind schedule, if so why have we not been updated with this news.

Secondly we the pre-registered players that still have NO GAME to play receive those benefits.

Thirdly, when is it likely to be available to download? 


Got to say though, 2nd time I've been on a forum and only the 1st time on this 1. My name is Ben Smith and I'm 38 from the UK, my nickname is The GreenHornet back from when I used to work (disabled now for 6 and half years) 



GreenHornet 🐝🐝

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Hi mate I think it’s coming out tomorrow, it’s nice to see you’re mega excited (I am too), I just discovered it a month ago so I’m new but I’m shocked how great it is for a mobile manager game, huge Liverpool fan here so I’m expecting some rating downgrades but I’m excited to play with all the new squads

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Thanks, sadly I'm a Gooner who desperately tries to hang on to the idea of making European football lol. 

I'm glad you kinda know, the trailer stated that it was available from the 1st of this month and came with benefits if we downloaded and played within 3 days. I hope they keep that promise as, I've emailed them and said on the Google review about it with no response. You don't work for them but, you're the one who does message me lmao 🤣 

Good luck for the season 


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