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I m a big player of the soccer manager series since 2019 edition, and I love to see the changes every year ever new game brings, but honestly this edition as much as it has some brilliant new additions, been quite disappointing..
1) Gameplay actually is worse than last year, it’s even more unrealistic, Infact last yr had much better gameplay
2) Unrealistic results, not only of my team but of other teams too, yes it is possible that upsets and all happen, but in form teams losing 4-0 or so to very low ranked teams is a bit less realistic, and playing the same match again after closing it yields almost the exact same gameplay - goal scored the same way at the same time by the same player, etc etc
3) My biggest issue is of when signing youth players from transfer market, there is no option to offer them a role of youngster or hot prospect, in fact the lowest option is backup player, and I m of course not able to provide them any playing time, leading to decreasing morale of the player and others sometimes.
4) XP calculation is actually very well thought out in this edition, thankfully XP can still be earned whether I lose or draw the match, so thanks a lot for that. But the amount needed to increase to the next level is I feel a bit too much, if the increase in upper limits of each level could be somehow lessened it wud be a bit better…
5) Pics of players are the same as last yr, tho I had hoped for updation, but that is a minor issue
6) Contract length of most of the players are I feel incorrect, people who r supposed to be out of contract next year in real life are shown as having 4 or 5 years remaining.
7) And ofc the new features not come out, which I assume r under progress
Other than these, for me, it is a brilliant game and I look forward to further updates and smoother gameplay
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