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A few suggestions for SM 22

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Hi guys. The game developers made is awesome, however I've found several issues:

1. As I understand there is no random on Champions League drawing. I'm working as a manager of Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine). I win a Ukrainian League and always I play against  Germany, English, Spain teams in the group. Sometimes it's hard to win it. I would like to play against other countries. For example: made somehow 4 group levels 8 teams each and chose the team randomly. However, it won't be an easy task, because teams from one league shoud be split.

2. I won one match 7-2 and it was saved in the records, however then I win 7-0 and.. the record wasn't updated until I have 8-0. Seems like there is not a biggest win saved, but a win with the most goals in the match for one team. Goal difference should be checked also.

3. I still don't understand how I can improve attendance on the stadium. I have the huge stadium by default - 70k seats. I have a couple of players with the level 92. I even tried to win everything: 3 Champions League in a row. The average attendence was increased from 11k to 13k. However on international matches I have something around 30k(also increased by 2k), but it's not a full stadium for a team which win 3 cups in a row. 

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