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AI youth player values too high

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Issue Summary: AI teams get youth players worth several million in the national league.

Issue Details: Halfway through the season I've seen youth players show up (not loaned players) in the national league who are worth several million. Meanwhile the only player I've had was worth £10.
This seems very unrealistic and is a massive difference for teams like Salford City/Boreham Wood etc to have players at a level several leagues higher, especially when they are 16.


Countries selected at start: England.
Game Date(when issue was found): November of 1st season but players could have been there longer. They are not there at game start.

Device details;


Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?):
Start the game and progress a half season. There should be a few very highly priced 16-18 Y/O players with values higher than anyone else in the league.

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No response? This is a major game breaking bug as by season two every club on the game has many many multi million pound young players, right down to the non-league teams.
The only team that has none of these players is the player selected team.
It is now impossible to win a game so no point proceeding any further.

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