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This is my main tactic and my secondary tactic which fields subs so they get playing time.

In my main tactic up from I have Icardi and Dybala with Asensio behind them acting as a wide forward.

In my secondary tactic I play 4-3-3 and up front I have Coman, Lozano and Mariano Diaz, and one of these players is rotated with Goes Rodrygo who has a great Overall rating even though he's only 19 








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@wildanson my MC play in their preferred role unless they are out of position eg Rodriguez, them I play them general midfielder.


@Pipagool98 I set my forwards to Shoot at sight and mentality normal and if I'm leading defensive (not too defensive it doesn't work for me) and tempo is slow. Lately I've been experimenting with the new tactical options so when I find what works for me I'll post something here 

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I've been playing this game for a while now.. I'm liverpool and have a great team but seem to be letting slot of goals in and getting thrashed in possession almost every game.. I've tried changing he tactics around but still the same.. any tips oan bettering my possession and defending 

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