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Can't claim my reward

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Issue SummaryI can't claim my reward 'points x2' by watching a video

Issue Detailsfor the last like 24h, I've gotten a message saying "Advert has failed to load. You are unable to claim the reward at this moment in time." almost everytime I try to watch a video to double my points after a win. It's written where the button "CLAIM" usually is. It's already hard enough to level up with the doubling...

Countries selected at startFrance

Game Date(when issue was found): Yesterday

Device details; Android One

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I have had the same issue now and again, no pattern or reason as to why.  I have found that restarting the app and loading the game back up sorts out the problem.  This is on IOS, not android though, but would imagine it will have the same effect.  Hope this helps.

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