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Budget problem in game *NK OSIJEK*


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NK Osijek should get bigger budget for transfers .


•Eros Grezda 1.5 Mil €
• Borna Barisic 2.5 Mil €
• Haris Hajradinovic 3.5 Mil €
•Andrej Lukić 1 Mil €
•Mateo Barać 1.5 Mil €

How it needs to be :10 Milion € 

Reality:2.7 Mil €


Same as the other teams!

Fix transfer budgets for team 

THANK YOU FOR READING7DE38E18-62AD-4D69-B29D-CFF998E000E0.jpeg.83c2c63be1196c98adc46195ac51d465.jpeg


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