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A couple of questions

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Hi, I have have been playing soccer manager 2019 on steam for around a week, so far i'm really enjoying the game. It reminds me of the old LMA Manager series that was on playstation 1 and 2. with a little more work from developers i think this game cn really take off.

Anyway, lets get down to what issues im finding. I am in my 4th season playing in Scotland with Dundee, i have finished second the last two seasons and won the scottish cup. Chances of Dundee doing this in real life are slim to none. Ha ha. But i have noticed i can only view available jobs in Scotland and only ever recieve job offers from Scottish teams. Do i have to unlock a feature that allows me to view jobs in different countries? I do not wish to leave Dundee yet, as i'm aiming to at least win the league before moving on, but thought i would at least had job offers from different countries by now.

Also when i want to sent scouts to scout different countries/continents i can only choose europe, as it says the other continets need unlocked. How do i unlock these?


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, thanks for the post!

You can only take jobs in the countries that you selected when you started your career. This means that if you only selected Scotland, you can only see jobs in Scotland. You can improve your Scouting abilities by putting Club Points into your Scouting Network system.


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